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About The Courses

Today’s era is about speed and novelty. Agile and Lean methods are used to achieve this and also gives you lots of freedom to define how you want to work. However, there is no checklist which says how agile you are.

At erudite you get to practice and learn agile rather than just knowing what it is.

Key Features

Less slides more practical experience
People gets lost in slides. Its time waste to prepare if students are not able to grasp quickly. We believe in talking and explaining. Making them actually doing task to learn and remember. We allow them to practice in a group so that learn from each other so that when they are on job they are productive from day 1

Experienced trainers give real time example
We strongly believe it’s better to talk to subject matter expert who has implemented and may have experience in handling problems which are typically faced during implementation. So rather than making fancy slides we involve experts and create assignments for you to role play and learn. We always remember when we learn from our mistakes. Hence we provide a lab environment to experiment with experts and elevate your knowledge.
  •     Price: 10,000
  •     Duration: 1 day
  •     Badge: Lean Agilist
  •     Students: 7
  •     Lesson: 8

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