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Comprehensive in-Depth

Hands-On Experience

Real Life Examples

Guidance On How To Implement

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Digital badges are cool way to show level of knowledge gained. Mind you this is not a certificate. You have to earn badges when you gain knowledge.

Level 1 – Enabled badge is gained when you attend our workshop and we are assured that you have learned what we had targeted for. If you have not gained enough knowledge we will ask you to attend more subsequent classes.

Level 2 – Advocate badge is gained when when we implement and share our success story in form of blog or paper or video. on Erudite website. Submissions are evaluated and guidance provided till we see some value add is visible for audience.

Level 3 – Master Badge is gained after Advocate badge gained. This can be attained when one has gained knowledge and confidence in the subject that can conduct workshop and showcase case study to students.

Visiting Faculty

Utpal Mehta

Co-founder and

Faculty for Agile and DevOps

Satish Shrikrishna Chinchorkar

Faculty for Quality Assurance

Sheetal Atha

Faculty for Nutrition,

“Founder of KeepFit”

Dr Deepthi A Devarakonda

Faculty for Ayurveda